Me, myself and Trump, Erdogan & Putin, Nederland, woensdag, 13. december 2017

There’s this joke about three world leaders who walk into a bar. The first one says: "I'm the most powerful man in this room, I have over 40 million followers on Twitter!" The second one shakes his head, and announces "I'm the most powerful man, I’ve banned Twitter." And finally, the third leader says: "You’re both wrong. I'm the most powerful man, I've got all the passwords."

It is, perhaps, a joke that is a little too close to the truth nowadays considering world leaders Donald Trump (USA), Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey) and Vladimir Putin (Russia). Many people are worried that their presidencies signal an erosion of democratic ideals and institutions. Then again, they also have many followers who believe them to be good and strong leaders. Indeed, their presidencies are as criticised as much as they are revered.

This winter, the Groninger Forum will host a series of three events about Trump, Erdogan and Putin. And we invite you to join the discussions with our panel. How did these presidents attain power? Why are they so divisive? And what is their influence on politics and our lives here, in the European Union and The Netherlands?

On the 28th of February it is all about Putin and Wierd Duk (a Dutch journalist and historian, specialized in Russian and German history), Hans van Koningsbrugge (Professor of Russian History and Politics at the University of Groningen) and Bastiaan Rijpkema (assistant professor at Leiden University) will be joining us in the discussion this evening.

Main language: English.

Groninger Forum organizes this event in collaboration with Europe Direct Groningen.

Me, myself and Trump, Erdogan & Putin

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